UI Theme

UI Theme is a new UI technology for PowerBuilder apps, allowing developers to modernize the look and feel in a codeless fashion through style sheets.


Includes pre-built themes to instantly modernize apps

Easily customize just by modifying some attributes

Supports inheritance, grouping, and exceptions

Dynamically switchable at runtime

Native PDF

Generate PDFs with advanced features from within your app. No need to go through cumbersome PDF printer installations or license expensive PDF libraries.


Print any DataWindow presentation style to PDF

Set key PDF properties, such as page orientation & size

Set various security restrictions, such as user password

Further manipulate the PDFs, such as adding watermarks & images, table of contents, and setting margins

RibbonBar Control

The RibbonBar control enables you to build navigation similar to those used in Microsoft Office and other popular business apps, which is familiar to most users and more productive.


Supports a rich set of controls (tabs, buttons, galleries, groups, etc.)

Supports screen tips, master & recent application menu

Automatically resizes to adapt to available screen size

Includes pre-defined templates to instantly modernize apps

Compatible with UI Themes for a uniform look n’ feel

WebBrowser Control

A new Web browser control is provided securely display Web content within your app. It also supports advanced JavaScript integration so that your app can benefit from JavaScript functionality.


WebView2-based browser engine

Load online PDFs, videos, HTML pages

Access local files and resources

Supports HTTP/2 and TLS 1.3

Call asynchronous & synchronous JavaScript functions

Trigger PowerScript events in JavaScript

Supports basic & digest authentication

JavaScript Charts

Enrich PowerBuilder with modern interactive JavaScript charts, such as Apache ECharts. Visualize your data with new graph styles, such as gauges, heatmaps, candlesticks, scatter, and funnel. Then quickly drill down, segment, and filter the chart data.


Easy and little effort to implement

Generate charts from existing DataWindows

Supports many new graph styles

Supports drill-down, segmenting, and filtering

RichTextEdit Control

The RichTextEdit control makes the process of designing, creating, sharing, and archiving documents easy.


Backwards compatible with SAP PowerBuilder 12.6 or older

Provide native 32-bit & 64-bit control

Support a wide range of word processing formats, including DOCX, DOC, RTF, HTML & Adobe PDF, PDF/A

Support more document formatting options, such as form, table, and text frames

More document processing capability, such as inserting Excel files, redoing, pasting special, saving documents as fillable PDFs, and more

Support formatting text of specific language, such as Right to Left